An Explanation, Please: Lt. Gov. Kinder Still Silent On Disturbing Reports About His Behavior

                               An Explanation, Please: Lt. Gov. Kinder Still Silent On Disturbing
Reports About His Behavior  
Jefferson City, Mo.—Several days after local and national news outlets published reports about Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder’s unusual personal conduct and potentially violent behavior toward a St. Louis woman, as well as his frequent visits to a St. Louis bar known for its nightly “pantless parties,” Kinder still refuses to provide any explanation for his conduct.  Today, the Missouri Democratic Party is calling on Lt. Gov. Kinder to provide an honest, complete explanation to the people of Missouri. 
“Once again, Peter Kinder’s odd and inappropriate behavior is raising serious questions about his judgment.  Peter Kinder owes the people of Missouri an immediate explanation,” said Caitlin Legacki, Missouri Democratic Party spokeswoman. “Just a few months ago, Peter Kinder was caught spending thousands of taxpayer dollars to stay at luxury hotels and attend fancy parties – and now this.  Without a complete and convincing explanation, it’s simply hard to imagine Peter Kinder retaining any credibility with the people of Missouri.”
The only comment from Kinder’s office regarding this scandal came last Friday, when his spokesman offered this bizarre response: “I really highly doubt the lieutenant governor is going to a bar where they don't wear pants on a night when they don't wear pants…I don't know where he was...I wasn't with him.” [Kinder Spokesman Jay Eastlick, Riverfront Times, 8/5/2011]
Kinder's failure to address the reports about his conduct has drawn scrutiny about his behavior from local and national news outlets: